To the Cayman’s we went!

OK peeps now that vacay is over and school is over I just MIGHT blog a tad more than I have been lately. I told you I was not going to promise being consistent at this whole blogging thing 🙂 

I don’t even know where to begin talking about our trip to the Cayman’s with my family because well it was simply amazing. Not only was our condo literally on the beach and we could look out at the clear blue water each morning,  the weather perfect or getting to go snorkeling BUT nothing beat the fact that we had some great quality time as a family (which if you know me, you know that is my main love language). SO now I will let the pictures do the talking (and there’s a lot so get ready…I really did try and narrow them down!) On a side note: Libby is now 33 weeks along, looking great & healthy and approximately 4.5 pounds!



  1. These are beautiful, Lana!! My favorite pic is you in the striped dress when the light is taking over. I can’t wait until Libby is here!

  2. I beat Meredith to your post! great pics btw. looks like an awesome place

  3. Yay!! That looks like it was awesome! You don’t even look pregnant in most of your pics! You are just adorable, along with your whole family! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Beautiful pictures! Missed you the last few days of school though!

  5. You have some seriously cute maternity swimsuits! I know those probably aren’t the most fun things to shop for/wear…but you did it with style!

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