Tuesday Ramblings

Yesterday began 29 weeks! It also began the start of going to the doctor ever 2 weeks-seriously?! How am I already to that point? I’m pretty sure it was just yesterday when I was just going for our very first appointment (and still freaking out JUST a little bit haha!)
Baby GIRL–She is weighing in at 2 1/2 pounds (like a butternut squash) and is a tad over 15 inches long! Every day my kids at school ask me how big she is and for some reason the thought of her being a butternut squash was hysterical to them. Probably because its the first vegetable that sounded familiar to them (unlike the previous “rutabaga”) My first graders also swear they can hear her breathing-oh how I love them.
Movement–Currently, it feels like she is trying to see how many flips in row she can do-kind of like I used to do when swimming and you would go as fast you could without coming up for a breath to beat your last record. Anybody out there relating to this?
Weight gain–11 pounds
Maternity clothes-I feel like I am broken record on this one-some maternity clothes some not-although I DID try on a skirt that definitely did NOT come close to zipping up-that was awesome. 
Gender–GIRL!! Libby Shea is her name. It means Promise of God, Preserved Isaiah 59:21
Food cravings–right now I like food in general…and a lot of it.
Sleep–Has been great-with the exception of last nights crazy loud thunder keeping me up 🙂 
In other news it has been a day of surprises around here (well half surprise/half relief/half excitement….I guess these should be more in thirds but whatever)
  • Justin won a brand spankin’ new Nikon camera that is worth $1000 from a door prize! Ummm awesome!
  • I received my new passport in the mail so now we can all sigh a BIG sigh of relief because now I can OFFICIALLY go on our big family trip to the Cayman Islands! Now-if I can only make support hose cool for the airplane ride and NOT get called a beached whale while there (dad!) 🙂
  • We were offered 4 free tickets to go to the Astros game tonight-and although they haven’t been playing the greatest-the atmosphere is ALWAYS fun and we will get to hang out with the bro-in-law and sis-in-law Jordan and Warren!

Well that’s all folks! (did that remind you of Looney Toons because it did me..not sure where that came from) 


  1. hey you! can you text me your address please? and your name. 🙂 hahah. i accidentally deleted my entire iPhone and all its contents! but i have a present to mail little Libby! 🙂

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