Full of happy

The past 5 days have been full of HAPPY and I have been so filled with the Lords joy and blessings in so many different ways that I am just a BIT overwhelmed by His goodness. 

Happy #1: Spending the weekend with my parents! It was one of the best and most fun times I have had. I promise not to make this too long of a tantrum BUT if you live in the same city or even within in an easy driving distance from your parents PLEASE don’t take it for granted! Don’t take for granted the ability to randomly have lunch/dinner dates with your parents(and grandma in my case), or a 30 minute stop by to see them. While we do get to have AWESOME amounts of quality time when we are together (that probably wouldn’t happen if we did live in the same place)-it is still not the same as just being able to stop in and say “hi” and get a hug whenever you want to. OK I am finished with that….

ImageGin and I with my mom on Sunday afternoon!ImageAll the “kids”-Lance, Ginger, me and JustinImage

Ginger and I with my dad 🙂

Happy #2 The purpose of going to Borger was for Libby Shea’s FIRST baby shower and let me tell you-those ladies know how to throw the BEST showers. It was absolutely perfect! I was so blessed by not only their generosity but the people who came! There were so many sweet friends who came that I had not seen in a long time and it was just so good to catch up. I also got to see some of my bestest friends in the whole wide world (Shanna, Bryn, Emily, Mary Taylor and Keri) who drove in from all over the panhandle just to be there. 

ImageMy life-long friend Sarah!ImageMary Taylor! One of besties/basically sisterImageShanna, Ginger and KeriImageAunt ‘Ne!ImageMemaw 🙂ImageBryn, Emily and Zane!ImageMy cute mamaImageFAVORITE teacher ever Mrs. Moltz-she was amazing…and was extremely patient with my non-math skills 🙂 ImageMy other favorite teacher of all time-Mrs. WorshamImageThis amazing sign was painted by the amazing Tate HillImageDaisy’s were everywhere and I loved it! Daisy’s are my fave and they are in Libby’s bedding…kind of.ImageImagepart of the spread…Image

Memaw, my mom and Justin’s mom!

Happy #3 Making Cinnamon Rolls with my dad. Yes, this is its own category not just because they are uh-maze-ing but cooking with my dad IS one of my favorite things to do. 


Happy #4 Receiving the quilt my Memaw made for Libby along with a note that made me “ugly cry” at the shower. Getting quilts that are hand made by her are the most precious gifts I’ve ever received, but this one (with the exception of the very first one she made out of my Pa’s jeans) was just SO special because it’s for Libby…and if you could read the note she put it-it just shows how much love Memaw has in her and how WELL she shows it to us. 


Happy #5 Taking maternity pictures with my “BFFE” Shanna-super fun + she is preggo too and due in September! (pictures to come!)

Happy #6 Coffee Ranch and their Sun-Dried Tomato Bagel with herb cream cheese

Happy #7 Sunday lunch at Memaws! Growing up we ate lunch every Sunday after church at my Memaw and Pa’s…amazingness

Happy #8 (totally not related to the trip to Borger…) BUT being surprised last night with a visit from my sweet friend Jennigray and her husband Chris! I knew Chris was coming in town for work and we would get to see him but they all kept it a secret that Jennigray was coming too! They are those friends that you just know will be friends for life even though they live in South Carolina and we live in Houston…love them. 

Well, that concludes my “happy” list…I think. All that happiness has pretty much worn me out-but it’s that good kind of worn out, ya know? God is good!

Until next time…have a happy week!


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