Lately I feel like there are so many countdown’s I can’t keep track of what exactly I am counting down to and when! haha
3 things we have been counting down start Friday, Praise Jesus!
Friday: Last day of school + school baby shower that my SWEET friends are throwing for me!
Saturday: My  cousin David is graduating High School! Seriously can’t believe…I still remember being the backyard ‘helping’ with yardwork when we got the call that my Aunt had gone into labor! If you don’t know him you should..he’s pretty much awesome and will be at DBU in the Fall!
Sunday: Our week long trip with my parents & bro and sis’n’law to The Cayman Islands. Can.Not.Wait…a vacay is long overdue…plus it might be the last one for a while 😉
With that said, be on the look for a LOT of pictures when we get back…and hopefully a more exciting blog to read…not that anyone has probably been missing my posts haha
With that said, here is an update on Libby!
31 Weeks
Baby GIRL–Weighing in at a whopping 3.3 pounds and 16 inches long (according to baby center) Apparently if you carry 4 navel oranges you get a good idea of how much that actually is! My doctor says she is perfect and right on track size wise and so far is head down-yay!
Movement–Still moving…but more and more…and much more pronounced jabs to the side!
Weight gain–15 pounds! Holy pete…
Maternity clothes-I feel like I am broken record on this one-some maternity clothes some not-although I DID try on a skirt that definitely did NOT come close to zipping up-that was awesome.
Gender–GIRL!! Libby Shea is her name. It means Promise of God, Preserved Isaiah 59:21
Food cravings–right now I like food in general…and a lot of it.
Sleep–Good just can’t seem to get enough…maybe a week at the beach with no working will help with that dilemma 🙂
If anyone is still reading (if you are like me, I look to see if there are pictures and if there are none you have 50/50 shot of me reading the whole post) I PROMISE there will be pictures next post of lots of fun stuff and hopefully soon a tour of the nursery!


  1. I love reading your updates! And I can’t wait to hear about your awesome vacay and see pics! Yay for celebrating you and Libby on Friday! 🙂

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