The blog drama

No, not drama as in BAD…but I started a blog approximately one year ago and it went strong for oh about…a week…max. So now that I am going to get back into blogging-for real this time (no really!) I had to get a NEW blog. You might be asking yourself, “Why aren’t you just using your OLD blog instead of starting a brand NEW one and going through the hassle?” and this is where I would go into my long drawn out saga about how I pretty much don’t have a memory and have spent hours upon hours of trying to figure out my password to my old one, trying to just use a new email address (which apparently I had tried before), and then finally after two… maybe three times… of having a two-year old fit  and saying “I’m just never going to have a blog then!”-I decided to go a completely new route of just breaking up with and moving on to…so for family and friends near and far that want to keep up  with the exciting life that is “KatesTres” (get it…there’s now 3 of us in the family? but shhh don’t tell pepper…she might be offended it doesn’t say “KatesCuatro” but it just didn’t sound as cool!) here is my attempt of REALLY starting a blog. I don’t promise to do a daily post…or even a weekly one but I do promise to at least try. With that I will leave you with a picture from Easter 2012 (which may be all you get in posts every once in a while…but who doesn’t like looking at pictures instead of reading a long paragraph that you may or may not care about?)

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