I know, I know…”what happened to week 26?” I’m sure you have all been dying with anticipation (enter sarcasm) Well, that I can’t tell you-except that week 26 was just a tad crazy busy and it just didn’t happen…but don’t worry be happy (doo-doo-doo-doooo) here is week 27! 
Baby GIRL–She is appx. 14 1/2 inches long, 2 pounds and about the size of a cauliflower!
Movement–Still moving like crazy, especially when I am sitting down or after I’ve eaten. Every once in a while my stomach looks super lop sided depending on where she is laying OR she is moving so much my stomach is looking more like the ocean when there are lots of waves happening. 
Weight gain–I go to the doctor on Thursday-so we will find out then…you may or may not find out…stay tuned
Maternity clothes-Same as previous post…”I am wearing  A LOT of dresses…because they still fit and don’t have to be “maternity”, some pants and shirts have been exchanged but I can still wear my normal clothes, they just fit a TID bit differently now”
Gender–GIRL!! Libby Shea is her name. It means Promise of God, Preserved Isaiah 59:21
Food cravings–right now I like food in general…and a lot of it.
Sleep–Has been great-with the exception of my crazy insane dreams (which is nothing new for me if you’ve known me long)
Once again, sorry to disappoint but no picture!! I get to go home to Borger this next weekend-can.not.wait! over 4 months is just entirely too long to go without going back home…- for our FIRST baby shower! yahooo! I’m excited to:
  • see many sweet friends that I haven’t seen in quite some time. 
  • Make cinnamon rolls with my dad
  • have some much needed mom lovin’ and dad hugs
  • go to the coffee ranch (fingers crossed…probably won’t realistically have time to do that but it would be amazing)
  • have the famous Memaw sunday lunch and just spend time with her in general 

All that said, I’m sure I will have pictures from this next weekend that I will post once we get back 🙂 

Random side note: If you are reading this-go outside RIGHT NOW it’s too pretty to be staring at my boring blog (although I DO appreciate your interest) 

Until next time…enjoy the sunshine!

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