At 25 weeks..

I am a little a lot behind on doing this, but better late than never right? SO at 25 weeks….
Baby GIRL–the size of a rutabaga (if you are like me and had NO idea what that is…it is a turnip) Not sure how I feel about Libby being compared to a turnip….
Movement–I remember just a couple of weeks ago wondering if I was EVER going to feel her move and if I would know it was her moving….well let me tell you she now moves like a machine! Sometimes her little punches ( I assume that’s what it is) make me jump because they either catch me off guard or scare me 🙂 Overall-each time she moves I thank the Lord that she is healthy and know that it is only by His grace that we get to experience this miracle!
Weight gain–last time I checked it was about 10lbs…that was a week ago..and I’ve had a lot of food since then…:)
Maternity clothes-I am wearing  A LOT of dresses…because they still fit and don’t have to be “maternity”, some pants and shirts have been exchanged but I can still wear my normal clothes, they just fit a TID bit differently now
Gender–GIRL!! Libby Shea is her name. It means Promise of God, Preserved Isaiah 59:21
Food cravings–Nothing in particular-either something sounds REALLY good and I MUST have it or I am indifferent but hungry…all.the.time
Sleep–Has been great-with the exception of my crazy insane dreams (which is nothing new for me if you’ve known me long)
I am NOT posting a pic of me at 25 weeks but the previous post with the picture from Easter I am at 24 weeks and 6 days so you get a good idea 🙂
Until next time…be blessed!

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