4th of July 2015


This was our 2nd year to go to Waller Freedom Fest with some of our besties, The Abrams. It's so much fun! We also went to our neighborhood 4th of July parade, went swimming with cousins at Mama Kates and Papa Kates' house then back for some fireworks with our neighbors! Can't wait until this years celebrations! Libby loves fireworks and hates loud things-I laugh everytime I see this picture. Waiting for the parade to start! … [Continue reading...]

2015 June happenings


Last June held (apparently) a lot of events:  A surprise 5th anniversary trip to Nashville (hubby is a rockstar, I had NO idea and we had the BEST time), Fathers Day, my birthday, lots of time outdoors! (also, I realize some pics are sideways or even upside down...it won't let me fix it sooo you may have to stand on your head or turn sideways from some of these ;) )   First up-our trip to Nashville. Starting last December (6 months prior to this trip) Justin began torturing me with … [Continue reading...]

Highlights from March-May’ish 2015


Gonna make this short and simple. Haven’t blogged in a year-yikes! Finally was able to get SOME of my pics to download-yay! They aren’t in order but oh well, better than nothing right? Enjoy lots of random pics and posts this week as I try to get caught up 🙂   Libby loved her pet […]

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Memaws 80th Birthday


This was OVER 3 months ago. But in my defense-this whole new iphoto update on our computer got my pictures ALL out of wack and I tried to blog about 50 times and I got so frustrated I just quit. However, I decided today that I need to keep blogging for future reference sake because we […]

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